Super Learners

In order to help our children to become better learners, both in school and in life, we have been talking about ‘what makes a good learner?’  We use our Super Learner approach as a vehicle to helping children to become better learners.

This is promoted through our school motto REACH.

Respect:              We respect ourselves, others and everything around us by making good choices.

Effort:                   We take part and try our best in: school; our community and the wider world.

Achieve:              We ask questions and work hard to achieve our goals and reach our potential.

Challenge:           We look for ways to solve problems and improve even when we find things hard.

High Five:            We celebrate ourselves and each other; building positive relationships.

The children are encouraged to develop and demonstrate these attributes at school.  Each week, children who go above and beyond when it comes to displaying these super learner skills are rewarded with a REACH certificate in our REACH assembly on Fridays. 

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Golden  Rules

To ensure that all members of the school community can know and understand what is expected of them, we have adopted a set of 'Golden Rules' as our moral/ethical framework: 

  • We are gentle - we don't hurt others.
  • We are kind and helpful - we don't hurt anybody's feelings.
  • We listen - we don't inerrupt.
  • We are honest - we don't cover up the truth.
  • We work hard - we don't waste our own or others' time.
  • We look after everything around us - we don't waste or damage things.

In return for keeping to these Golden Rules, all children in the school are rewarded with an afternoon play.