At Chalford Hill we believe that learning should be rewarding, creative and fun. To this end, we have identified a skills-led curriculum as meeting the needs of learners most effectively, alongside a body of core content that provides a basis for further learning. We believe there are a number of key aspects in curriculum planning:

  • A thematic curriculum allowing skills to be taught in context and creating links between associated concepts, skills and understanding.
  • Core learning skills - not led by content that will date and lose relevance.
  • Core life skills - creating happy, secure, resilient, lifelong learners with the ability to cope in changing contexts.
  • Teaching transferable skills.
  • Teaching to our strengths - bringing our own excitement and enthusiasm to the class.
  • A flexible timetable allowing blocked work and giving children time to complete tasks, refine and take care with their work. “A single piece of quality is worth a thousand pieces of mediocrity.”
  • A practical, experiential approach, engaging more learners in meaningful tasks.
  • Making the most of our locality and both indoor and outdoor environment - an invaluable resource, central to cross-curricular learning.

To achieve these goals, we are committed to ensuring that our curriculum is:


  • Broad - providing experience to produce well-rounded young people;  
  • Balanced- recognising the need to reflect different priorities at different times;
  • Coherent - ensuring the sum is greater than the parts;
  • Differentiated - personalised learning to maximise access and participation;
  • Monitored & Evaluated - supporting and encouraging high standards of development.


We continue to develop our curriculum to ensure that we provide high standards of education, taking into account guidance and expectations for English schools.  For a parents’ guide to the new national curriculum, see below.


For more information about each class’ coverage, in each year group, click on the classes tab under "Our Children".

File icon: pdf A Guide for Parents - New National Curriculum [pdf 788KB] Click to download