PTA Fundraising Opportunities

To raise money for the school please collect any of the items listed below.  

Recycling tubs are located on the school garden.

We're currently recruiting local businesses who get through a lot of this stuff, e.g. cleaning companies, health care providers etc.  If you know any, please try to get their support, we can arrange regular collection - if not close by, they can put things in the post for us (freepost).  

Send contact names or suggested company details to & we'll talk them through it - no obligation.

Thanks for hosting public drop off points: Greenshop Bisley and Ebley Council Cafe.

Thanks for collecting from your staff: Waitrose, Black Book Cafe and Fish Inn.

Dental products

  • Toothbrushes, plastic/cardboard packaging, toothpaste tubes, lids & boxes, electric brush heads and packets.
  • NO electric brush bases.

Cleaning product lids & sprays  / Air freshener packaging

  • Housefold product lids, trigger sprays, spray tops, wipes packs, air freshener dispensers & packaging, washing up bottle lids.
  • NO bottles or aerosols.

Biscuit, cracker and cake wrappers

  • Sweet and savoury biscuits, snack bars, cakes, multipack outer and individual wraps, printed, shiny, white or clear flexible plastic.
  • NO cardboard boxes.


  • Any size of Pringles tubes, including the plastic lid and seal.
  • NO other types of tubes.

Food pouches

  • Toddler cereal and food pouches, packed lunch fruit and yoghurt slurps including lids.
  • NO micro rice or adult cereal bags.

Writing implements

  • Plastic or metal pens, highlighter, markers, Tippex, refillable pencils.
  • NO wooden pencils or wax crayons.

Crisp packets

  • Any brand of crisp packets.
  • NO popcorn bags, pretzel bags or meat snack bags.

Pet food packaging

  • Any clean wet pet food pouches, pet treat flexible plaastic packaging or pouches, and dry pet food flexible plastic packaging.
  • NO cans, cardboard, paper or hard plastic packaging or plastic bottles.

Personal Care

  • Lids, pump spray tops, tubes, pots, sachets, wipes packs.
  • NO bottles.

Coffee Packaging

  • L'Or and Tassimo pods and bulk-buy bags, coffee jar lids, plastic or foil coffee packets, refull bags.
  • NO Nespresso

Flexible Plastic Packs

  • Air Wick fragrance twin pack plastic sleeves
  • Finish dishwashing tablets flexible plastic packs only
  • Vanish stain remover powder flexible plastic packs only
  • No tubs or bottles, cardboard packaging or individual tablet wrappers

Bread Bags

  • Any brand of bread bag made by LDPE plastic - type 4
  • No plastic bags made from other plastic types

Recycle with Michael

We also Recycle with Michael once very half-term.  You can bring in bags of unwanted clothes, shoes, bags, toys, books and DVD's. The Salvation Army gives the school a certain amount of money per kilogram and then sells the items.  Look out for the next collection date advertised in the school newsletter.