Chalford Hill Primary School has 15 Governors, all of whom hold the position for at least four years. Governors are drawn from a wide range of occupations and skills, so between them they provide the school with business, IT, language, logistical, legal and educational skills and expertise. Some of our Governors are parents and staff members and the remainder are drawn from the local community.

Their key responsibilities are:

  • To provide a strategic view of the school ensuring clarify of vision and ethos.
  • To act as a critical friend by providing support and advice to the school.
  • To hold the school to account for the educational standards it achieves and the quality of the education it provides.
  • To oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent.

The Governing Body has a committee structure with Governors sitting on the following committees: Curriculum, Finance & Staffing, Premises and Chairs.

Mr Tim Woodfine - Chair

Tim enjoys a rewarding career in conservation biology, sustainability and environmental education in the UK and internationally. With a PhD in Biodiversity Management, and as a Visiting Professor of Wildlife Conservation, he is a keen advocate of outdoor learning and connecting children with nature to support education, health and wellbeing.

Category of Governor: Co-opted Governor, appointed by the Governing Body

Start Date: 1.12.16     Current Term of Office: 1.12.16 - 30.11.20

Committees: Curriculum & Standards and Chairs


Mr Chris Gardiner - Vice Chair

Chris was born and brought up in Eastcombe and has lived in Chalford Hill for over 10 years. Chris is married to Clancey and his two daughters both attend Chalford Hill Primary School. Chris is managing director of the family business Gardiners. In his spare time, he keeps livestock on his parents' smallholding on Middle Hill. Chris has also been Chair of the PTA for several years.

Category of GovernorLocal Authority Governor, appointed by the Governing Body

Start Date: 1.7.15    Current Term of Office: 1.4.19 - 31.3.23

Committees: Finance & Resources and Chairs

Mrs Corinne Martin

Corinne has had the pleasure of leading Chalford Hill Primary School since January 2011. Prior to that she was the Head of a small village school in the South Cotswolds. She also holds the National Professional Qualification for Headship. During her time in education she has been a leading Literacy Teacher and LA Writing Moderator for GCC. Corinne lives locally and is married with two children. When not in school, she enjoys spending time with her family and can often be found out on the netball court!

Category of Governor: Head

Start Date: 1.1.11     Current Term of Office: Continuous

Committees: Curriculum & Standards, Finance & Resources and Chairs

Mr Nick Hardy

Nick is married with 3 children. He was born in the area and is a property developer. He is a season ticket holder at Gloucester Rugby Club and enjoys working on his allotment.

Category of Governor: Co-opted Governor, appointed by the Governing Body

Start Date: 1.1.09     Current Term of Office: 1.7.19 - 30.6.2023

Committees: Finance & Resources

Mrs Siobhan Collier

Siobhan is married with two children who both attend Chalford Hill. She moved to the village in 2011 from London, where she worked for the Thomson Reuters Group. Siobhan is a Chartered Accountant with experience in corporate strategy, management accounting and business operations.  Her interests include hiking, classical guitar and sewing.

Category of Governor: Co-opted Governor, appointed by the Governing Body

Start Date: 25.1.14     Current Term of Office: 1.9.17 - 31.8.21

Committees: Finance & Resources and Chairs

Mrs Marie-Louise Finch

Marie-Louise Finch has lived in the Chalford Hill area since 2005 and is a stay at home mum, having previously worked in marketing for Black & Decker and the government agency English Partnerships. She is married and has two boys who are both at the school.

Category of Governor: Co-opted Governor, appointed by the Governing Body

Start Date: 1.4.16     Current Term of Office: 1.4.16 - 31.3.20

Committees: Finance & Resources

Mrs Rose Rosser-Smith

Mrs Rosser-Smith has been teaching at Chalford Hill since 2012.  She taught in schools in both Swindon and Gloucester previously.  She enjoys teaching all subjects in particular Art and English.  In her spare time, she likes spending time with her family and friends.

Category of Governor: Staff Governor, elected by the Governing Body

Start Date: 1.9.17     Current Term of Office: 1.9.18 - 31.8.22

Committees: Curriculum & Standards

Mr Simon Pont

Simon is a dad to two boys who both attend the school and has lived on Marle Hill with Ali and the boys for eight years.  Simon trained as a lawyer and he now works as the CEO for a software company in London.  He enjoys cycling with his lads as well as dog walking across the valley.

Category of Governor: Parent Governor, elected by Parents

Start Date: 1.11.17     Current Term of Office: 1.11.17 - 30.10.21

Committees: Finance & Resources

Mr Ian Lord

Ian lives locally with his wife and daughter.  His daughter attends Chalford Hill Primary School.  Ian is a reitred detective who spent all his service with the Gloucestershire Constabulary.  A significant part of his career was spent specialising in Child Protection.  He currently volunteers at a local Youth Club.

Category of Governor: Parent Governor, elected by Parents

Start Date: 1.11.17     Current Term of Office: 1.11.17 - 30.10.21

Committees: Curriculum & Standards

Miss Sian Edwards

Sian is an education consultant. Her experiences and responsibilities are broad, ranging from being a mainstream Dance teacher to being Deputy Head in a large and successful Pupil Referral Unit. She is passionate about education and in particular, the learning experience for all children. It has always been important to her to ensure that children get the best deal possible and she enjoys working collaboratively with peers to make this happen.

Category of Governor: Co-opted Governor, appointed by the Governing Body

Start Date: 1.5.18     Current Term of Office: 1.5.18 - 30.4.22

Committees: Curriculum & Standards and Chairs

Miss Ruth Burchell

Ruth Burchell  is a mum to one daughter and lives happily with her partner in Brimscombe, Stroud.  Ruth's career spans 22 years working in higher education policy and practice.  Her specialism is in Quality Assurance of Higher Education and Student Engagement.  A  particular professional  interest lies in how primary education forms a pathway to higher education.  Ruth sits on the Curriculum Committee.

Her interests include Science fiction, Harry Potter, films, martial arts, travel and baking.   She seeks the perfect formula for a stress free start to a day without going through the emotional range of Mary Poppins to Batman!

Category of Governor: Co-opted Governor, appointed by the Governing Body

Start Date: 1.2.19     Current Term of Office: 1.2.19 - 31.1.23

Committees: Curriculum & Standards

Co-Opted Governor - Vacant

Co-Opted Governor - Vacant

Co-opted Governor - Vacant

Co-opted Governor - Vacant

Mrs Sarah Fielder - Clerk to the Governors

Sarah is married with two sons who both attended the school and has lived in the village since 2001.  Sarah became Clerk in 2014 and is also Administrator at the school.  When she is not ferrying her boys to swimming, Sarah loves exploring the beautiful Cotswold villages on her bike.


Previous Governors

The following Governors left the Governing Body in the past 12 months:

Mr Graham Blight left in July 2019.

Mr Kenneth Stevens left in April 2019.