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Year 6 Fun

Y6 visit Cotswold Wildlife Park

This week Y6 visited the Cotswold Wildlife Park.  They looked at the animals, watched the penguins being fed, had a ride on a train, listened to a talk about being a zookeeper, had a play and ate an ice-cream!  Thank you to the parents who came along and helped on Y6’s last primary school trip!
July 2017

Y6 go to the polling booths!

This week we learned about democracy in the UK.  We learned the steps of how to vote, then we drew a step-by-step guide.  After we read the policies of the different parties, we wrote our own manifestos.  Some of the most popular policies written by Y6 were "Re-vote for Brexit" and "Free university tuition fees".  Following this, we were given our polling cards to enter the polling station where we given our ballot papers and could vote for who we wanted.  

Our results were: Labour 12 votes, Liberal Democrats 10 votes, Green Party 4 votes, Conservative 3 votes, and UKIP 2 votes.  It was a fun week learning about politics.

James and Edvin

Y6 enjoy their post-SATs treat!

Following a week of working hard at their SATs, Y6 enjoy a variety of activities at the woods including pizza making, taking it in turns on the ropeswing and playing games.

Viney Hill Residential

Ice Balloons

Greek Pottery

Festomane Wind Turbines

K'nex Challenge

Computer Control

Evacuee Trip