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Rosie Macleod

Miss Macleod joined Chalford Hill School in 2015.  In her spare time she likes to read, go on hikes and play board games. She loves teaching all subjects but her favourite is Maths. She enjoys thinking of new, fun and creative projects for the class.

Lisa Wakeford (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Wakeford joined Chalford Hill in 2013. She works with Years 5 & 6. She previously worked in London where she was a speech and language therapist. In her spare time she enjoys reading books, hiking and relaxing on holidays in the sunshine.

Lucy Stevens (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Stevens used to volunteer at the school when her three boys attended, and then she trained as a Teaching Assistant and joined the staff at Chalford Hill School in 2013. She enjoys cake decorating, reading and going on holiday.

Sharon Hughes (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Hughes joined Chalford Hill School in 2013. She works in Year 6 supporting a pupil 1:1.  When she isn't at work, she enjoys spending time with her family. She comes from Wales and has lived in England for over 18 years. Mrs Hughes' favourite lessons in school are music and all outdoor activities.