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Year 5 Fun

STEMworks Winners visit the Royal International Air Tattoo

Ben and Curtis visited the Air Tattoo following their success at building a wind-powered vehicle at school.  They gave a presentation to a judge about how they worked together to build the car, raced their model against other schools and designed an aircraft carrier to fly in humanitarian aid supplies in times of need.  The Red Arrows team judged the models!
July 2017

Y5 cook pizza with school-grown onions and garlic


"On 15th June, Y5 had a visit from STEMworks. Stem stands for Science Technology, Engineering and Maths. It was a great experience as we learned how to engineer and build wind powered cars out of a range of materials.   We enjoyed testing our vehicles in front of a large fan. The winners were Ben and Curtis and they will be invited to the Royal International Air Tattoo and may be able to meet the Red Arrows!"   Bryce, Seb and Ellis

Jonathan's Jungle

“First we saw Molly the Millipede a spickly little friend.  Spickly is a cross between spiky and tickly!   Later we saw a little gecko who was really cute and licked his eye to clean it.  After that we saw a Mexican Black King snake called Macho who liked crawling in people’s hair.  He licked most of us on the nose too!”   Oliver T


Terrestrial Minibeasts and Aquatic Creatures

“First Tamsin told us about life cycles of insects.  After that, we went on a minibeast hunt.  We found loads of wonderful minibeasts.  Later, we looked in the pond and found a newt and lots of tadpoles.” Oliver T


Egyptian Day

Pizza Making