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Year 3 Fun

Cotswold Wildlife Park

On Tuesday 12th June, Year 3 went on a fantastic trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park.  We went so that we could learn all about Rainforest Animals...and because it was fun! Cotswold Wildlife Park is a very fun place, it has all sorts of animals like spider, penguins, wolves, meerkats and great hornbills!  We had a talk from one of the keepers all about rainforest animals, she showed us red squirrel monkeys, sloths, bats and the great hornbill: it was really exciting. We went on the train that took us all around the park, wow!  We loved seeing all the animals, it was a great school trip.

Country Dancing

Celts vs Romans

Y3 make drop scones

Chedworth Roman Villa

Museum in the Park

Pizza Fun

Visit to Mosque and Cathedral

Voices in the Park

Year 3 have been reading stories with familiar settings and one of these was "Voices in the Park" by Anthony Brown.  They went to the park and took freeze frames of the illustrations in the book.  The children were asked to imagine how the characters were feeling.

October 2017