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Chris Jarvis

Teaches Mondays to Wednesdays and Fridays

Mr Jarvis only planned to come to Chalford Hill for about 3 years, but that was in 2000, so he must like it!  Other things he likes include travelling, reading, sports, walking in mountains and spoiling his grandchildren.

Jo Hofwolt

Teaches Thursdays

Mrs Hofwolt has worked at Chalford Hill since 2012.  Year 2 spend on afternoon each week doing art with Mrs Ramsden and Mrs Hofwolt, learning about artists and trying out many techniques.  She enjoys travelling, reading, walking and art/interior design when not being a "Mum" taxi!

Julie Ramsden (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Ramsden has worked at Chalford Hill since 2009. During her first three years she supported a pupil 1:1. Now she is the Teaching Assistant in Y2. She creates the most amazing displays in class and loves motivating all the children with their artistic endeavours! She enjoys cooking, reading, gardening, skiing and creative projects.