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Infant Christmas Performance

Thank you to everyone who came to support the children in this year's nativity performance, 'Lights, Camel, Action.'  The children did an amazing job sharing their version of the Christmas story with beautiful singing, acting and dancing.  We are extremely proud of each and every one of them. 

December 2019

Daily Mile

Keeping active is one of the '5 Ways to Well-Being,' and so what better way to do this than to join together in the Daily Mile.  Our school is one of 130 schools helping to set a Gloucestershire record. That’s over 25,000 children doing The Daily Mile on the same day!  All our children (and some teachers!) have braved the weather to enjoy their record breaking attempt!  Well done to all! 


October 2019

Activities Week 2019

What an end to the academic year we had!  The teachers organised lots of diverse activities from many different countries and so over three days we took part in an enrichment curriculum that took us on a journey around the world.  We learned how to play Kabaddi, a running game from India; we created art from Australia and made Chinese Dragons; and learned to play the glockenspiel from Germany.  In addition, we took part in our very own Eurovision and Great British Bake Off.  We even got to build bridges based on structures from around the world -using just paper!  It was a wonderful way to learn about other countries and for us to spend time working with children in other classes.  An exhausting but very fun time was had by everyone.

July 2019

Junior Performance - Alice the Musical

I am so proud of each and every child who took part in the production of Alice in Wonderland.  The children rose to the occasion showing such confidence in their singing, dancing and acting.  The Y6 did a super job in taking the lead.  The addition of the tech, props and sound and lighting teams meant the children took on entire ownership of the production - a first at Chalford Hill!  A huge thank you to parents / carers for the amazing costumes and of course to all the junior staff for all their hard work. 

July 2019

Sports Day

It was wonderful to see the children throw themselves whole-heartedly into each of the activities.  It was inspiring the way in which the children challenged themselves, showing such grit and determination to achieve their very best.  The Y6 team captains did a sterling job supporting and encouraging the younger ones as they moved around the circuit.  Equally, it was wonderful to see how far our Reception children have come since the start of the academic year.  Congratulations to Cowcombe who won the sports day cup and to Rack who earned the most points for demonstrating those all-important sportsmanship qualities that we look for.


May 2019

Mock Trials

Yesterday I had immense pleasure in accompanying our Year 6 team to Stroud Magistrates Court to take part in this year’s mock trial.   All of the children involved worked exceptionally hard in the lead up to the event and I have to say that I was exceptionally proud of each and every one of them.  They researched the case thoroughly, giving up their own time, both at home and school, to rehearse.  They put forward a strong case for the defence; ultimately leading to a not guilty verdict.  The children performed with such composure and confidence, behaving beautifully and were a real credit to the school.  Well done to Evie, Lola, Wilf, Bella, Amy, Finn, Nieve, Meg, Emily, Dom, Ben I Grace, Carys & Noah; a real team effort!  Mrs Martin


March 2019

Rock Steady Workshop

Young Voices

On Thursday the 17th of January, the Chalford Hill School choir travelled to the Genting Arena in Birmingham to take part in Young Voices 2019.  Following weeks of practice and a whole afternoon there, we performed a range of songs which included a pop melody, a Greatest Showman mashup, Viva La Vida and Thank you for the Days. As soon as we arrived, we went straight into the arena where the teachers showed us where we would be sitting. The conductor made his way in and we had our first practice altogether. Following this, we all found somewhere to have our tea and were given our T-shirts to wear that evening, along with a tiny torch that we would use later to light up the arena. At 7pm, the audience came in and the concert began at 7.30.  The atmosphere was astonishing due to the amount of people there and all the tiny lights. After an amazing performance by thousands of children (and a few celebrities!), we got home at 11pm, tired but happy to have taken part.

Mason and Ben I, Year 6

Tinsel and Tea Towels

Well done to our Infant classes who gave a superb performance of this year's nativity, 'Tinsel & Tea-Towels.'  They sang and acted beautifully, but what was most impressive was the way in which they confidently performed their lines.  Well done children and a massive thank you to the infant team who did a wonderful job in helping to prepare them. 

Bollywood Dancing

Reception, Year 1 and year 2 recently enjoyed an energetic morning of Bollywood Dance.  With huge smiles across their faces and an abundance of energy and enthusiasm they really did put their all into these workshops.  Well done Infants!   The Juniors were however not left out.  They joined together in Bollywood Wake and Shake during their "Well-being Wednesday" assembly - the hall was filled with energy, squeals of delight and laughter and of course, Bollywood!

November 2018

Children In Need

Children In Need

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